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Philosophy studies the fundamental principles and nature of existence, of man, and of his relationship with existence. It is the foundation that makes all other sciences possible. For the most part of the history, philosophy had been the handmaiden of religion and brute force. Philosophers spent prodigious amounts of time to provide a series of convoluted, unintelligible justifications for enforcing their irrational whims and edicts on men, through the rulers, since they needed rational victims for their survival, and since they themselves were incapable of facing existence as it exists, on their own.

Implicit in every idea that any man holds, and acts on, are numerous propositions, which he has accepted. And implicit in those propositions are certain fundamental philosophical premises, which in most cases, an ordinary man is not consciously aware of, without a special focus.

It is through formulation of irrational fundamental premises and ingeniously slipping them into seemingly rational propositions, that philosophers make a picture of existence, that suits their purpose.

Man is not a helpless creature. But if his philosopher succeeds in making him to accept so, he can choose to be. Man is not a born slave. But if his philosopher succeeds in convincing him that he is, owing to the sins that he had committed even before he had existed, he can choose to be. Man produces the rational values he requires for his life, and in his right mind, will not willingly give up his values for a non-value. But if his philosopher succeeds in convincing him that sacrifice is a virtue, and bliss through self-denial is the value that is to be found after the doom, man can choose to sacrifice his life for someone he hates, though he consciously doesn’t know that he does. Man is by far the most intelligent and capable life-form in the known universe. But if his philosopher succeeds in making him accept the image of a fantasy being that is omniscient and superior to man in every way, and convince man that his life and achievement is alms thrown at him by that being, he can make a man lose his sense of rational self-worth, by making him to judge himself as perpetually inferior to an unachievable fantasy.

Such is the power of philosophical premises. That is the reason why study of philosophy is an objective necessity. Philosophy, when studied and understood scientifically, can act as man’s proper protection against every form of covert attack on his mind, which is his only basic tool for survival qua man in existence, and can help him to identify the correct course of actions to take, for achieving happiness in his life. But when wrong philosophical premises are accepted on faith, they will manifest themselves into devastating effects in all areas of his life.

Scientific study of philosophy as far as I can ascertain, began with Aristotle. He is the first one who rejected the dichotomy of the universe, and held that there is one universe, the one which exists. He formalised the laws of logic which made achievements of science possible. With this setting, which is fundamentally correct, Ayn Rand developed an integrated philosophical system that she called Objectivism, which, after careful study, I have come to conclude as thoroughly correct, and completely consistent with the nature of existence. She is the person that saved years of my time, which I would have otherwise spent, investigating the correct nature of existence. She did it herself, and structured her knowledge to the best of her ability in her works, which are some of the most intelligible and rational compositions that I have studied.

Her most significant philosophical achievements are: She identified the correct epistemological principles for acquiring and validating knowledge. She discovered that concepts are epistemological tools of consciousness, not metaphysical essences. She solved the so called “problem of universals”, which is the alleged non-correspondence of concepts with reality, in her objectivist theory of concepts. She identified life as the correct standard for the concept value, in her objectivist theory of ethics, and identified the objectively correct relation between what is and what ought to be. She identified the reasons why Laissez Faire Capitalism is the only morally correct political-economic system of association of free men.

I publish my articles on this website. I choose the topics based on my evaluation of their philosophical significance. I am an objectivist. I am solely responsible for all the views that I present here. Though strict distinction cannot always be made amongst the following primary fields due to their integrated nature, I broadly classify my articles based on their primary focus into: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Politics, and Art.

If you intend to know more from me, or require clarification on anything that I’ve mentioned in my articles, you can write to me using the form below. If I think that the issue you raised is significant, I will consider writing an article on it.